Why I begin to write a blog (in English)

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First of all, I introduce myself: I am Chiara (Claire in English) and I am a 19-years-old bespectacled girl who live in Italy. I’ve already have a blog, written in italian, that you can find here. This blog tells about books, travels, music, fashion and beauty. This brand new blog would be like my italian one, save the language of course.

So, why I start writing a blog in English?

The main reason is that I want to improve my English because I’ve practiced English only at school. Watching youtube videos I improved my comprehension. So writing blogposts in English I would like to improve my writing.

Writing a blog in italian is nice because obviously I feel comfortable writing in my own language, but I haven’t found a community of people which I can interact with. With Bloglovin’ I found so many interesting and awesome english/american bloggers that I want to share with their my thoughts and opinions and I want also that they can know me better, if they want, reading a blog written in a well-known language.

I hope that my readers can understand me and, if I make grammar mistakes, can correct me. Constructive and useful comments correcting my grammar are always welcomed. Thanks!



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