Colours of autumn

I’ve always thought that every season has is own colours, style and mood. For autumn I think that the colours that suit the best are dark red or purple, dark green, grey, but also warm beige and orange. And so with autumn becoming closer and closer I want to make a selection of things that have the perfect colours of autumn.



In autumn the clothes that I love wearing are mainly comfy and cosy. The colours that I wear the most are dark red (in all its shades!) and denim (that is always a good option for casual outfits). Only few times I go for brighter colours like pumpkin orange or mustard yellow.

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick


The make up I always wear is natural and basic, but in autumn I usually hazard a dark red lipstick. My favorite matte dark red lipstick is the number 207 in the Rimmel Last finish matte by Kate Moss collection.

Autumn nail polishes


I am not a huge fan of painting my nails and waiting for them to dry. This fact shows that I do not have always my nail painted but do not mean that I don’t like having a good manicure. And the colours that I wear in my nails are the same: plum, dark red, forest green, grey and, why not, nude or transparent glittery coats are perfect for an autumnal manicure.

What is your favorite colour in autumn?

Colours of autumn




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