Favourite music videos

I want to share with you two of my passions: listening to music and watching youtube videos. I want to suggest you some of my favourite music youtube channels introducing each channel with their best video.


If you like you can play some of my suggestions in the background while you are reading this post.

  1. Charlieissocoollike: I’m starting with a channel that it isn’t only a musical channel anymore, but I am really in love with the creativity, the irony and the gorgeous ability of telling stories of Charlie, the cute man that plays the ukulele and makes lovely editing. I’ve struggled a lot chosing the best video in my opinion because I really love the story in Bread and the song entirely produced by sounds of ordinary things A song about love. But finally I choose Duet with myself: a lovely song made possibly because of video editing (in fact there are two Charlie in the same place) and with the beautiful positive meaning of loving yourself.
  2.  The piano guys are a group of friends that enjoy music making beautiful videos with stunning scenario. The two musician of the group are a pianist and a cellist and so most of their video are for piano and cello. In their video they play contemporary music, but incorporating antique classical music. My favourite video is Mission Impossible: it is filmed with the violinist Lindsey Stirling and it reinterpreted the most famous scene of the film.
  3. Berliner Philharmoniker is one of the most important orchestra in the world. And their youtube channel is the way they promote theirself. Their little videos of big operas are cut wonderfully and have the quality of making you wanting to listen to the complete concert. My favourite video is the gorgeous part of the Double Concerto for violin and cello by Brahms.
  4. Peter Hollens has a youtube channel of musical a cappella videos. A cappella means that “Every sound you are about to hear is made by the human voice and mouth”. Since I was a child I’ve listened a lot of a cappella songs and always loved it. The song, in collaboration with Colleen Ballinger, that shows in the best way that every sound is made by Peter in person, is the Epic Frozen Medley. But my favourite is Tangled I see the lights, with his wife Evynne Hollens, that has the perfect setting and matches the two voices (and more, considering all the sounds that Peter records in the studio) perfectly like in the cartoon.
  5. Agnes Obel is a wonderful singer and pianist. I love her even before I found her youtube channel (that I admit it isn’t so productive). The video that I love the most is The curse: it is interesting that is a live sesson and you can see how the electric instruments can play different timbre and so on.
  6. Doddleoddle is a lovely girl that plays ukulele and piano. She is so good that writes original songs like the beautiful One for the road. She also plays covers in collaboration with other youtuber-singer. My favorite collaboration is the Pop party mashup with Hedy, her cute little sister.

Hope you enjoy this songs and singers and you find some interesting music to listen to.

What are your favourite youtube music videos?





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